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American International Sunshi Inc.

   American International SUNSHI is a U.S. FDA approved international company that principal business activities include research and development, production and sales.
  For three decades, American International SUNSHI has been specializing in the production of homeopathic, nutritional supplement products and functional cosmetics research and development. while its corporate headquarters located in Tennessee Murfreesboro City, in eastern U.S., American International SUNSHI employs a number of world-leading scientists, an extensive research & development team, and nearly a hundred biosciences sector experts guiding the company’s global market operations
and management.
  Over its 30 years of operations, American International SUNSHI has developed a Natural Medicine Research Institute, Institute of Medicinal Plant, the original Eco-supplements and cosmetics production facilities in Europe, Australia and Africa with six professional marketing divisions. Presently, American International SUNSHI is rapidly expanding its operations in the Asia market, focused primarily on the China market.

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