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    SunShi LIFE-HGH

    Natural human growth hormone, or somatotropin, is a key player in the body. Enhancing things like height, muscle mass, bone density, and pancreatic health, it’s important for several systems to keep functioning at their peak. Somatropin, a synthesized version of the hormone used in medicine, has gotten some recent buzz as a safe, effective component of anti-aging therapy. However, like any other medical treatment, there are some human growth hormone side effects that prospective patients should be aware of.

    Since the levels of many key body chemicals decrease with age, a drop in somatotropin can cause a loss of bone and muscle mass, decreased vitality, and low energy levels in older patients. Some modern anti-aging protocols have begun including human growth hormone, or supplements that promote the body’s production of it, to help combat age’s effects on energy, fat content, and lean muscle mass. While this hormone protocol is effective, patients often require multiple blood tests while on a supplemental hormone program to ensure that the blood levels are within adequate parameters, thus lessening or eliminating the chance of developing human growth hormone side effects.

    Sometimes, when natural levels of somatotropin are too high for a prolonged period of time, severe and dramatic human growth hormone side effects can occur. However, since the levels of supplemental hormones are strictly controlled and tested when used in anti-aging therapy, patients on a hormone supplementing will not develop most of these. Like any other prescription drug, the most common side effects include things like itching or pain at the injection site, nausea, or headaches. More severe reactions generally consist of allergies, though some individuals may develop joint pain, edema, or carpal tunnel syndrome. For a few very susceptible individuals, human growth hormone may impact blood sugar, as both natural and synthetic human growth hormone decreases the uptake of glucose by the liver. Using human growth hormone in conjunction with a low-glycemic diet, and following an exercise regimen specifically tailored to your body, can help reduce or eliminate these human growth hormone side effects, while increasing the beneficial effects of an anti-aging program.

    Human growth hormone is shaping up to be an effective treatment for many of the signs of aging. Like any other drug, it does come with some potential side effects. Since the hormone itself is usually only available by prescription, you and your doctor will be able to decide if the benefit to you will outweigh the risk of potential human growth hormone side effects before you begin treatment.


    • Decrease in fat and increase muscle tone / Boost energy
    • Enhances sex drive and performance
    • Skin rejuvenation - wrinkles removed
    • Enhances immune system
    • Improves sleep habits
    • Stronger bones
    • Hair regrowth
    • Improves vision
    • Improves brain functions such as memory and concentration
    • Lowers levels of cellulite / Lowers blood pressure

    Suggested Use:
    Two ounces of sublingual spray HGH, which doctors feel is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to get many medicines into the bloodstream, should last 1 months for the average user.