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    SHUNSHI CELL RENEW - Today's most advanced Oxygen Product

    Tip: Cell Renew is highly concentrated dietary supplements, its color and acidity balanced set of product quality is not as the sole criterion. 

    CELL RENEW is the #1 health / energy supplement available today. It doesn't matter if you are an athlete, mountain climber, or couch potato, you will benefit from CELL RENEW and all without harmful banned stimulants or hormones. CELL RENEW will support your bodies extra energy needs  and it will support the peak performance of your body.  By giving your body the elements that it needs, CELL RENEW  supports your bodys ability to quickly rebuild itself in times of physical and emotional stress.  CELL RENEW  supports a healthy blood stream that will nourish, purify, strengthen, oxygenate and hydrogenate every cell in your body. With all of this, is it any wonder that we are  already receiving glowing endorsements from top athletes around the world?


            SUPPORTS IMPROVED ENERGY- Energy is produced when sugar is burnt in an Oxygen environment. When there is not enough Oxygen at the cellular level, the burn of sugar is incomplete and carbon monoxide and lactic acid are formed. Carbon monoxide is poorly eliminated and impedes the ability of sugar  and supports the elimination of any toxins which have become built up in the blood.

            SUPPORTS DETOXIFICATION & CLEANSING-  Through the release of Oxygen and Hydrogen, CELL  RENEW supports internal cleansing which detoxifies the blood, brain, liver, colon, kidneys, lymph and arteries.

            SUPPORTS  PURIFICATION-  CELL RENEW adds minerals to and purifies tap and bottled water so that ordinary water becomes an odorless and great tasting drinking water.SUPPORTS A BALANCED PH-  Since CELL RENEW releases both Oxygen and Hydrogen from water, optimal pH levels are promoted in your body.

            SUPPORTS  MICRONUTRIENT NOURISHMENT- CELL RENEW provides 131 vital micronutrients in ionic form, thus making them readily available to each and every cell of the body.  CELL RENEW  uses organic colloidal minerals  which are non-toxic compared to inorganic colloidal minerals and are also more completely absorbed by the body.  The elements in CELL RENEW   are also in ionic form since this is the form the body most easily recognizes and utilizes.

            SUPPORTS  NUTRIENT ABSORPTION- Blood is the primary carrier of nutrients, herbs, minerals and vitamins to the tissues of the body. When the blood is kept clean and well oxygenated it is better able to provide its task of delivering these nutrients to the tissues.  Since CELL RENEW supports the oxygenation and cleanliness of the blood, the ability of the blood to deliver nutrients to the tissue is also supported. 

            SUPPORTS  FREE RADICAL ELIMINATION- It is widely believed that free radicals are the primary cause of aging. CELL RENEW provides both singlet hydrogen (H) and singlet oxygen (O) which seek out and fight free radicals. 

            SUPPORTS  OXYGENATION- CELL RENEW has the ability to release both Hydrogen and Oxygen from the water molecule in a time release fashion. This newly released Oxygen and Hydrogen then becomes bioavailable to all of the cells of the body and stays available over time.